BeerWhere introduces 6PINT 6-in-1 beverage cooler for cans, bottles, cups

BeerWhere introduces 6PINT 6-in-1 beverage cooler for cans, bottles, cups

The 6PINT 6-in-1 Beverage Cooler from BeerWhere® is a new vacuum-insulated 20 oz. tumbler that serves as an insulated imperial pint glass and a cooler for pint glasses, plastic cups and 12 oz. cans and bottles, including Modelo beer bottles.

"You go to a concert or a ballpark and pay $20 to $25 for a 24 oz. that you're probably going to hold onto for an hour or so. It's not just a beer; it's a relationship," said David Etchison, president of BeerWhere. "I designed the 6PINT to keep that beer cold all the way to the bottom. And then we got creative."

The 6PINT evolved into a multitalented stainless steel container that serves as

  1. an imperial pint tumbler,
  2. a cooler for pint glasses,
  3. a cooler for 12 oz. to 24 oz. plastic cups,
  4. a cooler for standard 12 oz. cans,
  5. a cooler for standard 12 oz. bottles (longnecks, heritage and stubbies) and
  6. a cooler for slim 12 oz. cans.

    The 6PINT includes a removable silicone rim guard that helps adjust the fit and seal for various size cups. It can also serve as a buffer between a user's mouth and the metal.

    "If you don't like drinking from metal but want all the benefits of vacuum insulation, the 6PINT was made for you," Etchison said. 

    In addition to the rim guard, the 6PINT comes with a two other accessories.

    A silicone drink-through "outing" lid lets you enjoy your beverage while keeping bugs, dust and water out. Its large opening lets the user smell the beer, which is an important part of a beer's overall flavor. The lid is not spill proof nor designed to be used as a commuter mug, however.


    The two-piece can cooler kit consists of a silicone lid and an ABS can cradle that snap together for easy transport in pocket or purse. The can cooler kit converts the 6PINT into an insulated container for standard and slim 12 oz. cans and bottles. The kit can event accommodate the popular but unusual Modelo bottle.

    Visit the BeerWhere YouTube channel for a demonstration of the 6PINT accessories.

    The double-wall 6PINT tumbler is vacuum-insulated to stop heat transfer by conduction and made from thick 304 stainless steel. The vacuum chamber between the walls is copper plated to reflect away radiated heat from sources like grills, bonfires and the sun. 

    BeerWhere opted to make the 6PINT lids from food-safe silicone. The can cradle and stopper arm on the outing lid are food-safe ABS plastic.

    The 6PINT is available at and is offered with a five-year replacement warranty against defects in manufacturing. 

    A 6PINT at an NHL game

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