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6PINT Imperial Pint Tumbler and Stadium Cup/Pint Glass Cooler

6PINT Imperial Pint Tumbler and Stadium Cup/Pint Glass Cooler

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The 6PINT tumbler is ONE drinking vessel that is

  • an insulated imperial (20 oz.) pint tumbler,
  • a cooler for glass pints, and
  • a cooler for common disposable cups from 12 oz. to 24 oz.
We are testing the appeal of the 6PINT. If the product is successful, we will produce a can cooler kit and a travel/adventure lid. These accessories turn the 6PINT into
  • a can cooler for 12 oz. standard and slim cans;
  • a can cooler for 12  oz. bottles and
  • a travel/adventure tumbler to keep your beer safe from splashes, dust and bugs.

Premium construction and performance.

  • VACUUM INSULATED: Double-wall construction provides the highest insulating performance
  • 304 STAINLESS: Made of 304 stainless steel inside and out (not just the inside)
  • COPPER SHIELDED: A coating of copper between the double walls reflects heat away. Most manufacturers skip this protection because you can’t see it.
  • DENT RESISTANT: 24 gauge steel used for the outer vessel is 20% thicker than the more commonly used 26 gauge.

Now you might think that you could do the same thing with any similarly shaped 20 oz. tumbler on the market, but you'd be wrong. Most of them are too tall and narrow because they're trying to squeeze into your car's cupholders instead of worrying about your beer.
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